March 26, 2012

Comment Replies..IRRITATING ME,....

Hi Y'all,

I see your comments and I am trying to reply. Everytime I click on comments the screen blows me out. I dont know how to fix this. Its irritating me x 100. If someone knows help me.


xoxo Nesh

Snacks 100 Calories or LESS

My favorite I eat all the time : Granny smith apples and peanut butter.

March 22, 2012

Goof Troop..

Its Thursday..

My lunch yesterday Safeway had their soup and yogurt on sale so I decided to try the soup. It turn out to be pretty good. Just need some heat but other than that tasty and low fat and I hit the gym for 45 minutes. I need to start some resistance training on my upper body , just been doing Cardio.

March 16, 2012

My journey to 150....

When I  created this blog it was to inspire and get inspired from other , get the motivation and get to a healthy weight. Now numbers are not that important but I was comfortable before at  my  150/155 weight so here I go.

Overboard:Jennifer Hudson and Adele...

Jennifer Hudson gave Adele weight advice

Adele swept the Grammys and the Brit awards. She’s still breaking record charts and she’s the first artist to go double-platinum on iTunes. But despite all of her success, some people are having a hard time overlooking her weight.
Jennifer Hudson approached Adele backstage at the Grammys to congratulate her on her wins, but she started offering some fat girl advice. She told Adele, “I used to be heavy just like you and gosh, Weight Watchers saved my life! I can hook you up.”
Adele couldn’t believe her audacity and just told her that she is content at 165 and doesn’t plan on dieting. Friends say that Jennifer’s heart is in the right place, but she has become too preachy since losing all that weight.

March 15, 2012

Motivation 101: Comedian /Actress Monique

Though she's already dropped 45lbs, back when her show was on the air she told the audience "I want to get to 180.  That's an amazing weight for me. I'm still a thick girl but it's a HEALTHY WEIGHT"


So the new gym is open in my apartment complex ..whats my excuse now. !!! school, work, tired, NOTHING.

Yesterday I worked out for about 45/50 mins. I did the ellipitical , bike and some arm exercises and that was it. OMG.. did I feel it afterwards. My doc has me on these meds for my PCOS that makes me nauseous but I will try to get myself in there everyday if only for 30 minutes better than doing nothing.

Now if I can just find my heart monitor watch....