April 30, 2011


Every year I have vowed to walk for MS not just because I work for Bayer who manufactures Betaseron but because my mother struggled with MS for well over 20 years and I walk for her. This year it will be in San Francisco at Golden Gate Park at 9am. I lost my mother September 2009 from complications from Multiple Sclerosis and I hope they find a cure soon for this. I'm so excited to be walking for a cause and be involved in something like this.My boyfriend , sister and my son will be joining me in this 5k journey so looking forward to tomorrow. Pics will follow soon...

My mother and I , 80's

I LOVE YOU MOMMY!!!!!!!!!<3

April 28, 2011

Silent Cries....

Man man.. I was not having a good day today. Frustrated..tired..stressed ..hungry Mentally I had a horrible day. I think I pulled my calf muscle in my left leg..idk what's up. I still had to push through and make it to the gym. I burned 784 calories in about 1.5 hrs. It seemed like forever. 300 crunches and weights and cardio oh cardio. I'm in the bed now so sore. I came home washed dishes and still do housework..Jeez louise. Drank my Whey protein and GOOD NITE Y'all.. I'm exhausted....xoxo nesha

OH Yeah....

I didn't meet with my trainer yesterday but I worked out at home.I think I did pretty well. Don't mind my Striped PJ's. I was comfortable.
509 calories I burned,which leaves me confused. OK so if I eat 1000-1200 calories a day and burn 500+ I should lose way more than a pound a week RIGHT???? I don't know how this crap works.

Every little Step I take...

I love my shoes but they are killing my feet and my arch I guess they are more stylish that anything and that's what I like but my trainer said that Nike are more style. He recommended New Balance or Asic's. Yes, I want to be cute when I work out it makes me feel better. I guess its a mental thing. So now I'm on the hunt for some Asic's cute but comfortable.I'm at work now about to get off and head to the gym. I swear I hate working out y'all is boring and my body hurt. I'm feeling muscles that I've never felt before. So we'll see how today goes.Pray for me. 

April 27, 2011

Top 5 Quotes I love !

You have to stay in shape. My grandmother, she started walking five miles a day when she was 60. She's 97 today and we don't know where the hell she is. -Ellen

You've got to say, I think that if I keep working at this and want it badly enough I can have it. It's called perseverance.-Lee Iacocca

You don't realize how strong a person really is until you see them at their weakest moment.-Unknown

The good Lord gave you a body that can stand most anything. It's your mind you have to convince. 
-Vincent Lombardi

"Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going." -Unknown

In all it's about positive self talk. ....That's a MUST..

As I'm working out I have to keep telling myself.. Anesha you can do it.. Its very hard but very possible. 

Music of the Week: HEAVY ROTATION

I have to get a new IPOD because mines was stolen so I'm using my Blackberry for music. I love love Adele's New album . JoJo has always been my fave. KC love her and Trey all day ( that was so wack..lol)

Favorite Songs:
Trey Songz: Please Return my call & Meant to be Together
Keyshia Cole: So Impossible
JoJo: The Entire Album
Adele: Rolling on the Deep

Heart Rate Monitor

This is the Heart Rate Monitor I purchased from my trainer and it works great. I'm pretty sure that you can find one a bit cheaper this one was a bit pricey Retail $129.00, I believe. It tracks your heart rate (duh..), Calories burned, Time, and all your averages probably a lot more.I have to stay at or above 150 beats per minute. It comes with a sensor that you strap around your body under your breast area anywhere close to your heart.

I'm still trying to get the hang of it I hate new gadgets. Yesterday I burned 518 calories in a little over an hour and on Monday 830 calories. Not easy for me at all.

Yesterday I did about 300+ crunches and sit-ups, lunges with 12 pound weights and a a lot of arm exercises. I'm not meeting with my trainer today I'll be back tomorrow so I'm on my own but i know I can do it. I have to burn a minimum 500.

Monitor Brand: Polar

I Spy ...I Buy..

I was on Emily's Twitter ( Love & Hip Hop) a few days ago and she tweeted this dress and she looked FAB I must say in it. I did a quick search and I found it and will be buying this in a much much smaller size
( prob 6 or 8) and hanging it in my room as a motivational tool for me. I'm obsessed with leopard now for some odd reason and absolutely adore this dress. I love how the spots are so over sized. I love love love clothes anyone that knows me know I love fashion. I don't want to really shop for a couple months because I am confident that I can lose this weight and I'm not wasting to much more money buying 13's. So Dueces to the double digits.
Dress by : Lipsy


I don't think Fat is a nice word so I'll say Chubby. I like that better. I was very skeptical about posting pics but I said what the hell lets just keep it real , right? It is what it is, I don't feel bad in that sense because I'm in process of smashing ass these unwanted pounds to a better and more healthier me. 150 is my number. I just want to look better and its going to take hard hard work but they say NO PAIN , NO GAIN right. I'm gonna miss my chubby cheeks tho ..I think they make you look younger.

April 26, 2011

This is mainly what I eat morning ,noon and night. I'm on a strict (covering eyes) 1k-1200k a day diet. Yes, It hard so much temptation. I'm craving a Burger so so bad.. OMG but I know I will pay for it at the gym so no point. I literally was almost in tears yesterday at the gym. Endless lunges ( over exaggerated that ), Burpees, 150 crunches and some bear crawl on the floor that almost killed me. But when I was done I felt good.
830 calories burned  in 1 hour and a half and no telling whats in store for me today. We shall see......

Oatmeal, Egg whites and Tea or Water
Fat Free Yogurt
Salad OR Baked Chicken Tenders , Brown Rice and Green Veggies
Egg Whites
Usually a Protein shake or veggies maybe 1 Grilled strip

each day varies....


I will be posting pictures soon.... Stay tuned...

My Inspirations: Ms. J.Hudson & Ms. Mel B.....

WELCOME TO MY WORLD for the next Year

Hello World, 

I was sitting here taking a break at work and my friend Jessica's voice popped in my head to start a weight loss blog. I been putting it off I been so busy here and there everywhere. I decided to start one today. Ive been putting off really losing weight.Ive gotten so comfortable in my body the last 10 years I keep expecting results but not actually following through with actions. Maybe a walk here maybe a walk there NEVER... anything consistant.

I mean my son will be 10 years old next month , how long can I keep saying its baby weight..lol.. I wouldnt say Ive tried every diet out there because Im not that into all that diet craze stuff, pills and things like that. I've considered lipo and surgery but im terrified so I X that idea. So that leaves me with the good ol' way. Simple healthy eating and hard exercise. 

I've recently signed up at Aloha Health & Fitness in Hercules,CA 
(http://www.eastbaytrainer.com/) with a Personal Trainer 
Christian, him and his wife Jen are the best and the sweetest people you will meet. 

So im on this journey for the next 12 months to get myself in better shape and do a complete 360...so long muffin top I will not  miss u.