October 28, 2011

American Idol and my Favorite.. : Lauren Alania

How American Idol's Lauren Alaina Lost 25 Pounds!


 "Changing my diet was the big thing," the 5-foot-7 Georgia native tells the new issue of Us Weekly (out now). "I had to learn correct portion control."

"I eat an egg-white omelet for breakfast, shrimp and veggies for lunch and chicken with asparagus for dinner," the single 16-year-old high school junior says.

Daily workouts of crunches, pushups and "lots of squats have also helped, the size-2 singer tells Us. "I'm 10 pounds from my goal -- almost there! I wear size small and extra-small now!

October 19, 2011

Chelsea Settles...

I dont know if any of my blog readers have watched MTV's New Doc-Drama " Chelsea Settles" Its about a 23-year old girl struggling with Weight Loss, moving to LA and trying to make it into the Fashion Industry. Its really a good show and the 1st two episodes were really sad. Her mother is sick and she takes care of her so that was a lot to deal with I know how she feels to leave a sick mother  so you can pursue things its very difficult.I applaud her for even showing us her scale number which is 324 pounds. In my opinion boyfriend is a asshole and  the way people treat her is not good. I am so excited for her because you can tell she has a good heart and she is so so beautiful. Tune in Tuesdays on MTV for new episodes. If you have watched what are you thoughts?......

Recent pic from the Wendy Williams show she lost weight she is beautiful

Gotta Love him...

...Just Kidding but you have to love Patrick...

October 10, 2011

Diet Foods That Will Make You Fat

I'm not really surprised..

If you're reading Prevention.com, you're probably interested in buying the healthiest foods. Just like us, you may even reach automatically for items with a "health halo," such as spaghetti sauce (love that lycopene!), or labels like reduced fat!, low sodium!, and whole grain! But unless you're a super savvy shopper, be warned. Your “healthy” diet may conceal some nasty surprises in the form of the following culprits:
  • sneaky salt
  • sneaky sugar
  • sneaky fat
That low-fat cottage cheese you love? It could be higher in sodium than potato chips. And the low-fat dressing you drizzle on your salad? It could contain nearly as much sugar as two chocolate chip cookies.
The truth is that no manufacturer wants to compromise on flavor, so even healthy-sounding products can contain appalling levels of sugar, salt, and bad fats. To save you time, we've flushed out some of the most surprising diet food offenders—and found some truly healthy alternatives.
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October 3, 2011

..slow slow. process

I checked the scale a week ago and Ive lost ..(drum roll)

 ..8 pounds.. I have not really been working out and its been excuse after excuse. Either I'm tired from work or school. For the last week Ive had food poisoning OMG If you had it before than you feel my pain. Ive been on soup crackers and Gatorade. FML. I'm just starting to feel better but its the same. Doc told me to rest and stay hydrated. I have a gym in my complex so Ive been itching to get there but I swear it hurts when I bend or more a lot .. no Bs. I hope I'm better this week I want to hit Vegas in Dec and MIA in Feb.I need to get on this ASAP.