May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day!!!

I know its late in the day for my west coast peeps.. How was your day? I hope it was fine. I just chilled around the house put some ribs and chicken on the grill ( didn't need that) and watched tv. The new season of Basketball Wives came on and the season finale of Khloe & Lamar : ( love that show. I'm exhausted now and smell like smoke ugh. Back to work I go tomorrow : ( enjoyed my 3 day weekend. I hope you guys had fun. I plan to stop by 24 hour Fitness tomorrow or wednesday trying to get back now. Xoxo Nesh

May 23, 2011

I Spy...I Buy..Happy Monday Peeps

I so in love with this scale and Im mad because I surf the web so much and always saving pictures that I dont know what site I seen this on but if anyone knows me knows I will find it. This is to cute.

May 20, 2011


OMG !!! Y'all so exhausted I have been moving for the last 3 days Im so tired.. Ive been  between 2 places , cleaning , packing and unpacking, washing clothes I hate taking dirty things to a new house ( ...well apartment). I been working overtime at work and working out has not been on my menu at all. What I do know is these 2 flights of stairs are killing me carrying all these boxes.. Cant wait to get settled. More posts coming soon about this weight loss journey ..I promise..

I love this rug.. I was on Urban Outfitters website and I feel in love super cute..

May 16, 2011

Motivation 101: Raven Symone

I love when I see anyone lose weight regular people like ourselves and celebrities. I tend to say about celebs.. dammm how did they do it. I know they are busy people and have to work but the realness of it is that we CANT compare our weight loss to theirs they have millions of dollars and you will never know if they are being honest about how they did it. We have regular lives and 9-5 schedules, football practice and making sure dinner is prepared every night by us.

..but with that said she looks dam good

 Get it MissOlivia...

So Im back with Fresh Eyes....O_O

I had a epiphany this morning about so so many things and one of them is I need to get my a## up and get moving no one will lose this weight for me I have to do it myself or this muffin top will be here. I'm to stressed tho but I'm up and I have to stay up. Egg whites and Oatmeal for breakfast.. great (sarcasm...)

May 14, 2011


OK.. So I need a new plan I am no longer working with a trainer for many reasons and Ive been stressed so much. Im moving this week and next week, some financial woes... , my sons 10th birthday and I have to get all my school orientations started. What a week. I have not been working out and I ate a burger yesterday **covering eyes**. I have been so stressed its ridiculous. So I have to come up with a new plan that works for me. Thousands and Thousands do it without a trainer so I just have to be Confident that I can.

I have been reading other weight loss blogs and getting more motivated and that helps. I just have to get out of this rut I am in and get moving. Im  at work now and I have so much to do today I will try to seek a workout in. I have been reading my biggest loser book and getting some pointers.I have all my tips and things from my sessions so im  pretty clear on what resistance exercises to do so ready or not here I go.


May 12, 2011

I'm Loving it...

Im loving this Chobani Greek yogurt vs. Dannon.. its more smooth.. Great snack food. ...

May 10, 2011

Starry Night

Didn't work out today and I feel horrible. I went to work off schedule and didn't prepare for my lunch, I'm in the process of moving, planning my son's birthday party and I'm tired as hell.. Yep I guess excuses not guess they are. I'm on my way to bed now just got done day well night dreaming out the window at the sky. I'm reading "Biggest Loser Simple Swaps" really good book with some good tips. Better day tomorrow GYM TIME... 600+ calories a must no weight in til next week.

A better Tuesday!!

I pray for a better Tuesday , I silently was crying as I worked out yesterday I don't care I can It was not that the workout was hurting just a lot of tension inside just wanna lose this weight and get it over with tired of it. I ate my usual egg whites and oatmeal for Breakfast , Strawberry Greek yogurt for snack , Tilipia and Broccoli for lunch.. and hit the gym. I just have to stay positive and get through this..

Burned 500+ calories as usual... I try to do more but.. I'm  OK with this

Happy Belated Mothers day to all the Beautiful Mothers!!

Yesterday was not a good day for me mentally. Mothers day is not a good one for me. The heartache from my mothers death is still a lot for my family and I. I meant to post on Sunday but I couldn't get around to it. I didn't eat good and I didn't exercise. I just didn't care anymore I been stressed. Its like mothers day is not good just to follow up with Fathers day My dad is gone and also my sons father was killed in 2007 so always bitter. I really hate those days now. I felt really appreciated my son and bf got me flowers , dinner and shopping couldn't be better.

Heart this lady...

May 2, 2011

Self Esteem and Weight Loss

 I came across this article and wanted to share.

How Self-esteem Can Interfere with or Facilitate Weight Loss

With respect to weight loss and fitness, self-esteem can mean the difference between success and failure. Why would the way a person judges himself interfere with successful weight management? Here are some reasons:
  • People tend to behave based on how they judge themselves. If someone believes he is unacceptable he will behave accordingly. If the person considers herself a failure, she will behave as one. That’s how the human brain works psychologically.
  • People with high self-esteem aren’t bogged down with mistakes. They accept them and go on. If they didn’t eat just right at a meal or gained some weight, they don’t bother to put themselves down but rather note the behavior and continue on to strive for something better. People with low self-esteem will become preoccupied by mistakes and maybe even quit.
  • People with high self-esteem are more likely to praise themselves for small achievements. Frequent rewards for small steps lead to success. Those with low self-esteem are more focused on punishment and reprimands than rewards, and feel they are not worth rewards unless the achievement is large. This interferes with weight loss goals.
  • People with high self-esteem tend to talk to themselves more positively. It is well known that positive thinking leads to positive feelings and positive results.
Improving Self-esteem and Weight Loss Success
  1. Strive for unconditional self-acceptance – the view that all humans make mistakes and no one is perfect.
  2. Practice evaluating behaviors such as frequency of exercise, quality of food eaten, and frequency of praise without judging self-worth in the process. If the behavior isn’t up to par evaluate how to improve it and go on.
  3. Be willing to get help with improving self-esteem through reading and even getting professional support. It’s not easy to learn self-acceptance if a person has been in the habit of putting himself down most of the time.
  4. Don’t look for perfection in achieving self-acceptance – remember human beings are fallible.
Self-esteem can make or break a weight loss program. It’s worth the effort to achieve it.

"To wish you were someone else is to waste the person you are"-UNKNOWN


Motivation: Kelly Osbourne and Jordin Sparks

I love both these girls. In my opinion they were hot before they lost weight but even more hotter now. They inspire and motivate me even more to workout and eat right.


Jordin Sparks looks dam hot in this homo..





Greek Yogurt vs. Regular Yogurt

The Benefits of Greek Yogurt

It’s higher in protein.

If you’re looking for a good source of protein, Greek yogurt wins out over regular yogurt. Most commercial Greek yogurts at supermarkets have almost double the protein content of standard brands such as Dannon. One cup of plain, low-fat convention yogurt has between ten and twelve protein grams, whereas most Greek yogurts average around twenty.

It’s lower in carbohydrates.

For the carb watcher, Greek yogurt is the better choice. Whereas standard yogurts have fifteen to seventeen grams of carbs, Greek yogurt averages around nine with some brands having even less. Greek yogurt is also a better choice for those with diabetes for obvious reasons.

It’s thicker and creamier.

Greek yogurt has a thicker, creamier texture which many people find appealing. Standard yogurt is generally strained two times, whereas Greek yogurt is triply strain to remove more of the whey. When whey is removed, so is water which creates a thicker, more substantial yogurt product. For this reason, thickeners aren’t added to Greek yogurt, yet it still has an appealing texture. Because it’s thicker and creamier, it’s often better than standard yogurt for making dips and sauces.

It’s lower in sodium.

If you’re watching your salt intake, Greek yogurt is the better choice. It often contains as much as fifty percent less sodium than standard yogurts.

The Disadvantages of Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is a good option both from a taste and a health standpoint, although standard yogurt has a few health advantages over its Mediterranean counterpart. Standard yogurt has two to three times the bone building calcium of Greek yogurt. Why During the triple straining process, some of the calcium is removed from Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt can also be higher in fat and calories, but non-fat Greek yogurts are still naturally creamy, meaning you don’t need the full-fat version for great taste and texture.
If you can’t decide which to choose, why not keep them in the refrigerator to enjoy when a craving hits? They’re both a good alternative to high calorie desserts.

My trip to Safeway yesterday I grabbed this.I'm still getting used to the taste it is thicker than my favorites Yoplait Fat Free Strawberry but my trainer recommended it so we'll see how this goes.Taste like not that nasty .

Pics from MS Walk :SF

My 10yr old son : Kaylin

                                                    My baby sister...well only sister. Tasheena.

It was a little different this year usually my job goes to Alameda beach to walk  but MS switched the location this year. I was lost for 30 minutes trying to find Golden Gate park. So irritated that park is huge, but when I finally got there I was ok. Great experience. So many people. I really applauded the people that were even there with walkers walking such a joy.

Fight MS with Fashion...

Celebs gathered for The 18th Annual Race To Erase MS was held last night at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza in Century City, CA.

  Raven Symone, Garcelle Beauvais, Latoya Jackson, Oakland's own comedian Mark Curry attended with alot of other guests. This is an event I would so love to attend one day.

Link for more pictures: