September 13, 2012

Just joined Weight Watchers!!!

Hello All,

I had not noticed that I had not logged in since the 4th of July. I have been so busy with that thing called LIFE. Not really been in the best of moods, but I have a talk with myself last night ...yep i do and I need to re-evaluate some things in my life good and bad and move on from the things that make me unhappy immediately. I woke up today with a fresh mind. Made my son breakfast and we were on our way.

Seeing a class mate last week encouraged me to start and just to really really begin the new Anesha. So here I am. I logged on a few minutes ago and registered for the online tool , but I also want to go to a few classes just for the support. Hopefully I can get up Saturday and go. This is my first day or tomorrow will be im going to try to understand how im supposed to do the program and hopefully get it.

Has anyone else tried it? Still using it? Online or Meetings? Just want some feedback and motivation.

Talk to you soon.

Jessica Simpson,  face for WW


  1. Hey Anesha, congrats. Continued blessings on your weight loss.

    Christina ;@)