May 3, 2012

Motivation 101: "Love and Hip Hop": Somaya Reece

Somaya Reece has opened up about her battles with her weight, including a period where she was starving herself after pressures from people around her.
The Love & Hip-Hop star has been documenting her weight loss mission on Twitter, showing the results as she goes through the process of getting a breast reduction. Somaya reveals that she was surrounded by the wrong people in her younger days, who encouraged her to practically starve herself to look good.
"When I was on my MySpace, people didn’t understand I was starving to be thin. I wasn’t eating," Somaya told NecoleBitchie.
"At one point I was a size 0, and I’m 5’10. I had a lot of really bad people advising me and I got sick. I collapsed on a set of a commercial. I was rushed to the hospital and treated for malnutrition and low iron. Finally the doctor told me, if I continued to not eat, I would die."
Now confident with her new, amazing figure, Somaya says she is looking forward to taking her career in a new direction. "I’m continuing to work on my music. And I want to talk more about my weight loss and hopefully inspire others to reach their own goals," she said.

Somaya has gotten a Breast Reduction and that is another reason that her figure looks even more better her Breast made her always look bigger than what she was.


Almost everyday she give good workout tips and healthy eating tips on her twitter and also her own personal website.. The links are below.




  1. Your incredible! totally inspired and ready to start my own journey… Thanks for the post!? Your awesome!!

  2. I didn't even recognize Somaya. She's always been beautiful. She's looks so hot, fresh, healthy and happy. lol ;@)Man I love her curves. Wow! And she looks younger. I'm just amazed right now. lol